Can I customize what the chatbot says?

Absolutely! One of the things that makes ChatStyle different from other platforms is that you can configure 100% of what the bot says and does. This lets you ask qualifying questions to users, or give them choices about what they

What kinds of messaging channels do you support?

For customer facing messages, we support embedded web chat, SMS, Twitter direct messages, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. We are currently adding support for Facebook Messenger and Discord. For internal messaging, where your techs can either work with your PSA or

What kinds of software do you integrate with?

We currently support the ticket and contact features of ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask, and Jira. We also support Twilio for SMS and email. On the communication side, we have channels for web chat, SMS, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. We

What does “omnichannel” mean?

Messaging comes in a wide number of channels. It’s not just about chat on a web page, or SMS, or social media. The channels you want to support depend on your customers and your potential customers. “Omnichannel” means being able

Aren’t chatbots terrible?

Sometimes! Using chatbots is like using any other technology, and chatbots in particular have over-promised and under-delivered. The key is to know what problem you are trying to solve and design the conversation to do that job. That’s why ChatStyle

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